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For many a high-quality accommodation is top of their list when traveling, it means a better experience, better relaxation and better sleep enabling you to enjoy your vacation to its full extent.

This holiday apartment in Tel Aviv gives you just that. The apartment is in a new building so everything about it is up to date and clean.

Clever interior design and plenty of natural sunlight give this vacation rental a welcoming feeling, where we know you'll be happy to stay.

Fresh linen, towels, and FREE WiFi are all provided for your convenience. The apartment comes with its own kitchen space, which is packed full of utensils and appliances so that you will have everything you need on a day to day basis.

One of the best features of this luxury apartment in Tel Aviv is it's balcony space. Outdoor private space is highly sought after in Tel Aviv apartments and this apartment has it in abundance, with two of them, giving you ample space for some private sunbathing, dining outside or perhaps just for your breakfast.

This apartment is really special and we know you're going to enjoy your stay here.

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When it comes to Tel Aviv, most people want to be right in the center, making this Sarona area one of Tel Aviv's best kept secrets. As while it is not right in the center of Tel Aviv, it comes with all the benefits of being right in the center and really isn't that far away from central Tel Aviv as you can get to it by walking or by public transport easily enough.

The location of this apartment is packed full of benefits, including restaurants, cafes, bars, cool shops and a luxury internationally themed indoor market that are all prominent features in this area.

You will be spoiled for choice and convenience as to where to go out. Some of Tel Aviv's most trendy spots are literally right on your door step.

The Sarona is fast becoming one of Tel Aviv's hottest spots and is increasingly sought after by tourists, due to all the amenities on offer.

It may be one of the best, if not, the best location to stay in Tel Aviv.


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